AFROPUNK Music Festival

AFROPUNK is an influential community of young, gifted people of all backgrounds who speak through music, art, film, comedy, fashion and more. Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, it is a platform for the alternative and experimental. Remaining at the core of its mission are the punk principles of DIY aesthetics, radical thought and social non-conformity. AFROPUNK is a voice for the unwritten, unwelcome and unheard-of. Watch more from AFROPUNK here: http://www.youtube.com/afropunktv


Puma's ‘Dance Dictionary’

To promote the launch of its Sync fragrances, sportswear brand PUMA engaged the help of choreographer Super Dave and 25 other freestyle dancers to create a ‘dance language’.

Named the ‘Puma Dance Dictionary’, the interactive site lets users send messages to their friends using dance moves.

Words such as “cat”, “love”, “Monday”, “I”, “scream”, “pizza” and “hot tub” get a dance move each and are danced out in video, which users can pick and choose to create their messages.

Users can choose from 11 basic sentences, and replace italicized words with various given options in the sentences, and share the message with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Is a ‘danced out’ message cooler than a text-based one?



The ABC of Architects

This work is an alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building.
A lot of them have been left out with grief because we only need one for each letter and we done an effort to have differents nationalities.
If you love architecture, for more stuff you can follow us in ombuarchitecture.tumblr.com

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez
Music: The Butterfly from Eugene C.Rose and George Ruble, (Creative Commons)
you can download it here: vimeo.com/musicstore/track/10358


Here is the alphabetical list We hope you enjoy it.

Alvar AAlto _ Säynätsalo Town hall - Finland
Luis Barragán _ satellite towers - Mexico city
Santiago Calatrava _ Lyon - Satolas airport railway station - lyon France
Luís Domènech i Montaner _ Antoni Tàpies foundation - Barcelona
Eduardo Souto de Moura _ Paula Rego's House of Stories _ Cascais _ portugal
Norman Foster_ London City Hall _ England
frank Gehry _ Guggenheim bilbao _ Spain
herzog & de meuron _ Beijing National Stadium _ CHina
Arata Isozaki _ Palau Sant Jordi _ barcelona
Philip Johnson _ The Glass House _ New Canaan _ United state
Louis Kahn _ National Parliament of Bangladesh _ Dhaka city
le corbusier _ Villa Savoye _ Poissy, Francia
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe _ barcelona pavilion _ Spain
oscar niemeyer _ National Congress of Brazil, Brasília
Joseph Maria Olbrich _ Secession building, vienna - Austria
César Pelli _ Petronas Twin Tower _ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Giacomo Quarenghi _ the Smolny Institute _ St. Petersburg, Russia.
Renzo Piano + Richard Rogers _ Pompidou Centre _ Paris, Francia
Álvaro Siza _ Ibere camargo foundation _ porto alegre _ Brazil
kenzo Tange _ Tokyo Olympic Stadium - Japan
Jørn Utzon _ Sydney Opera House _ Australia
William Van Alen _ Chrysler Building _ New York City
frank lloyd wright _ guggenheim new york _ United state
Iannis Xenakis _ Philips pavilion _ Expo '58 in Brussels
Minoru Yamasaki _ World Trade Center
Zaha Hadid_The Pierres Vives building _ Montpellier, France


ruth asawa: genius with wire

The scope and stature of Ruth Asawa's work are brought into brilliant focus in this superb book, created to accompany the first complete retrospective of the artist's career. Beginning with her earliest works--drawings and paintings created in the 1940s while studying at Black Mountain College--this beautifully illustrated volume traces Asawa's trajectory as a pioneering modernist sculptor who is recognized nationally for her wire sculpture, public commissions, and activism in education and the arts. The Sculpture of Ruth Asawa establishes the importance of Asawa's work within the larger national context of artists who redefined art as a way of thinking and acting in the world rather than as merely a stylistic practice. A chronology and a collection of essays by noted scholars highlight Asawa's complex relationship to American art and Asian American history and provide engrossing biographical information.

In her lifelong experimentations with wire, especially its capacity to balance open and closed forms, Asawa invented a powerful new vocabulary. Committed to enhancing the quality of daily life through art produced within the home, she contributed a unique perspective to the formal explorations of twentieth-century abstract sculpture. Working in a variety of non-traditional media, Asawa performed a series of uncanny metamorphoses, leading viewers into a deeper awareness of natural forms by revealing their structural properties. Through her artistic practice, Asawa reconnects with the Buddhist ethos of her parents, transforming the commonplace into metaphors for life processes themselves.
Essays by Daniell Cornell, Emily Doman, Mary Emma Harris, Karin Higa, Jacqueline Hoefer, John Kriedler, Susan Stauter, and Sally Woodbridge
Copub: Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco


The Jaguar XKX concept car by Bahrain-based design studio Skyrill and Albanian designer Marin Myftiu, is a totally new take on the classic Jag we all have grown to appreciate over the years. Ali Almossawi, co-founder of Skyrill, explained that “the concept tries to revive the glorious design lines of the brand, combining fresh solutions, a unique, new aerodynamics, tailored around the electrical elements of the power system as well as cutting-edge energy feedback.”

Aesthetically speaking, the designers wanted to avoid the “heaviness associated with many of today’s muscle cars, including actual Jaguar models.” Instead, the team decided to recreate a thin, elegant profile, while still showing off all the extra power and technological improvements. The XKX’s profile is an organic flow of lines that look almost like the company’s “pouncing cat” logo on wheels.

Over on the technological side, the electronic vehicle has carefully designed aerodynamics, where air is deflected away from the engine and around the car itself, said to be 60 per cent more power efficient. Also, the entire car body is covered by a layer of piezoelectric cells. when stimulated by
the pressure of air flowing over them during vehicle movement, the units produced electricity that is fed into the vehicle’s battery. Genius!


Ayoka Lucas

Ayoka Lucas is an innovative stylist who has been in the business for more than fifteen years. Lucas began her freelance career in Atlanta, styling a local nightlife columnist as well as other local celebrities. After relocating to Charleston, she wrote a weekly social column for the Charleston City Paper, incorporating fashion, pop culture, and local happenings. As the style director for two regional publications, Ayoka produces the fashion spreads, Style Files, home décor features, bridal style tips, street style pages and more. In addition, she writes numerous style blogs contributing to both local and national online media sites including Essence Magazine and Blogging Project Runway, and has served as a contributing fashion correspondent on Charleston’s ABC News 4’s Lowcountry Live, NBC WCBD News 2, CBS Live 5 News and WTAT-TV FOX24 with features on MTV News and ESPN. In addition, Ayoka hosts a weekly radio show, Fashion Friday, spotlighting fashion and pop culture for Cumulus Media Charleston Station, WSSX FM. As the style director and visionary behind Charleston Fashion Week, now in it’s 7th year, she has contributed to the success of spotlighting the local fashion community and the city as a premier shopping and style destination.


Philip Beesley: Hylozoic Ground

The Canadian Pavilion at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy, presents Philip Beesley's Hylozoic Ground, an immersive, interactive environment made of lightweight digitally-fabricated component fitted with meshed microprocessors and sensors. More info: vernissage.tv/blog/2010/09/10/philip-beesley-hylozoic-ground-canadian-pavilion-at-architecture-biennale-venice-2010-interview/



The Cosmic Motors Detonator

The Cosmic Motors Detonator is a plasma combustion street cruiser exclusively for non-human droids, able to bend their legs opposite way. The design of the bike was tailored towards their unusual proportions, although occasionally human models were used to pose with stationary bikes. All ten Detonators were manufactured for a group of droids on the Tarra I planet.



A Design Film Festival

A Design Film Festival is back onto the scene with a brand new lineup, expanded programme and new collaborations this year. Conceptualized by Singaporean creative agency Anonymous, this annual celebration of films are dedicated to architecture, fashion, photography, street art, motion graphics, technology and the subcultures of design. The festival, which was first launched last year in Singapore, has already traveled to various creative hubs which include Berlin, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Bangkok. This year’s event will have 28 screenings of 15 films, 10 of which are Asian premieres. A Design Film Festival 2011 will run from November 3 until the 20th and will be held at Old School in Singapore.
Old School
11, Mount Sophia
Source: Superfuture


The future looks all floaty and stuff

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. 



Stance - DIY Designer Art Toy

The Stance High is the first edition in a unique line of designer toys that connect the art and creativity of the customizable toy community with the passion and emotion of the sneaker culture. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By ddennisur at 2011-02-02
Artist can re-create their favorite pair of Jordan's that they wish they still had; or design a new colorway for that sneaker that you’ve always wanted to see. However, my ultimate vision is that artist will throw all the rules out the window and run with their very own vision of the perfect kicks. 



N.Y. Adorned “Tradition”


Director: Evan Dennis

Producer: Evan Dennis
DOP: Zak Mulligan
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Narration Lori Leven
Colorist: Tom Poole @ Company 3
Music: Grails "Canyon Hymn"
Audio Engineer: Jeremy Griffith @ Singing Serpent
Audio Mixing: John Black @ CypherAudio



Louise Despont Esoteric Geometry

Brooklyn-based artist Louise Despont draws highly complex patterns and symmetrical forms rendered largely in graphite on antique ledger paper and yellowed Indian parchment. Influenced by the vibrant sights and sounds of South Asia, Despont demonstrate her skillful use of architectural stencils and compasses on those amazing pieces of art.



Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson

One of the most ubiquitous forms of technology in existence today is the digital camera. From cell phones to chunky DSLRs, a camera is never all that far away. David Friedman’s Inventor Portrait had the opportunity to sit down with the inventor of the digital camera, Steven Sasson. Through the short interaction, Sasson shows off his original prototype as well as his philosophy on how to make a product adaptable based on culture.



Rodarte: States of Matter by MOCA

Rodarte: States of Matter is the first West Coast solo exhibition of the work of fashion and costume designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. In this video, Kate and Laura talk about the stories that have inspired their collections and the physical processes their materials go through.

This intimate look at more than 20 pieces from Rodarte’s Spring 2010, Fall 2010, and Fall 2008 runway collections, as well as original ballet costumes designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy from Rodarte for the feature film Black Swan, was directed by Felipe Lima, with original music by No Age.



Bill Cunningham New York Trailer

The "Bill" in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style section in his columns "On the Street" and "Evening Hours." Documenting uptown fixtures (Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who all appear in the film out of their love for Bill), downtown eccentrics and everyone in between, Cunningham's enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression of time, place and individual flair. In turn, Bill Cunningham New York is a delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a dedicated artist whose only wealth is his own humanity and unassuming grace.



Zaha Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House

The Guardian's Jonathan Glancey explores the Zaha Hadid's latest creation - the Guangzhou Opera house.




Most of us by now have played a few rounds of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, so this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Kitara Touchscreen Guitar ($849-$2499) is string-free and doubles as a MIDI controller.



David O'Reilly: The External World

Mr. O’Reilly is an Irish born animator working in Berlin.The External World is his newest work; released in late 2010, it has just made its way to Vimeo and the blogosphere this week. I think it is a good example of the good things that happen when person gets an idea in their head and works hard to bring that idea to life.



Adios LA

Adios LA is a visual goodbye to the city Jon Jackson has called home for years as the artist heads east making New York his new home. Not wanting to string LA along, he has decided to firmly break it off through a graphic billboard series posted on the famous streets of his first love.

Adios LA: adiosla.com
Jon Jackson: cargocollective.com/​lagraphica