...and we call ourselves creatives

What's that all about? Somehow we've managed to cop ourselves a cool ass title. "Oh, those guys with their feet up on their desk and the funky attitudes, they are the 'creatives'. Don't go in there, they're working." It gives us miles of leeway attitudinally, fashion wise and professionally. We've made this adjective a noun. And now that is has become a "person place or thing" we can officially abuse the hell out of it. Most of us are not the uber fashionistas (somehow above fashion) and design mavens we consider ourselves to be. Many can't even begin to contemplate starting something new or pushing our own boundries even a little. Create is a verb, it's something you do, not something you label yourself with or hide behind. It's relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas in the production of something. We have to begin to honor the definition... Or maybe not, we can just use our title of "creative" to mean nothing. Hey wait a minute... someone came up with the idea to use the word creative and apply it to a moody person in an all-season black turtle neck. I'm not sure but I think that was kind of creative. You kidders.

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