God is a junkie.

First post. I'll be brief. If design were a drug I would abuse it. If it were a car, I would be arrested for exceeding the speed limit. I am a design junkie. Everything is designed. God (if you choose to use that title) is the original designer and this creation is damn intelligent. But I believe the universe left intentional room for change. And so it goes, evolution, black holes, grass sprouts, people are born. Things change, nature adapts things move for the better and it's all by design. We as designers mimic the very nature of God and the is to create, innovate and bring about change. It is our calling and it is our curse. It is a blessed damnation and I accepted.


DesignGal said...

WOW, very well put....I totally feel the exact same way, I couldn't have put it any better!!!!

Anonymous said...

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