Calling all ears

Alice Smith is a rare artist in a class by herself, whose commanding 4-octave voice lets her skip across genres effortlessly and transport you along with it. Based in NYC, but raised in Washington DC and Georgia, her references span the USA from country and classic rock to jazz and gospel. She is bringing back the American tradition of soul music with the raw emotions in her voice and relatable lyrics void of any pretense. “For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me” is a collection of songs that add an innovative twist to an undeniable groove. From the opening beat accompanied by piano and horn stabs, Alice reminds you that rock and soul came from the same place. The songs all have the anthemic quality of classic songwriting with a decidedly modern groove and vernacular. One free download @ http://www.myspace.com/alicesmith

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Dave Lucas said...

No one outsings Alice Smith, unless it's ME, singing her praises! The CD is smashing, and ffr's remix of Love End. is off the map!