I Phone, I Talk, I Chat...

Lately Apple has been all action and no talk. And normally that would be a good thing. With all the bangin' new products they are offering. But in this instance I want talk, all talk. Steve Jobs, where's my phone? I've done Nokia, Samsung and Treo to name a few, but none of them want to get down with my Mac. They just don't play well with Apple. And don't get me started about the interface whacknness. Maybe it's a guy thing, you know boys and their toys... But hey, I am not alone in this. Legions of "fan-boys" have resorted to all means of desperate measures, blogging - ad nuaseum, starting rumors and bold face lying about this non-existing product. The geekiest expression of all of this has to be the hours spent creating 3-d renderings and full blown almost broadcast quality commercials (see above, this one's flawless). What is Apple waiting for? Imagine as a guy women wanting you soooo bad that they lie to other women about you, they create powerpoint presentations about your unseen wonders and then they create full scale replicas of you to show off and adore the mere thought of you one day popping up. Wow, can I get an iPhone cologne? It seems to me Apple is busy "not just doing nothing" creating the best possible product. They don't always hit the mark, but they often hit the ball clear out of the park! I just want this one really bad. In the meantime I'll placate myself with building my to scale model of the iPhone complete with widgets and Apple application dock.

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