Thicke is the intellegent man's Timberlake

It is the long awaited and in my camp greatly debated release. But I'm glad it's here. R&B has taken a dive and looks like it's down for the count. Thicke comes along in the blue-eyed soul vain and brings the sweet, sultry, under appreciated heat. It's really good music, even if it often feels like a subcategory to "real" soul. This effort pushes just enough of the pop buttons to give it a wider appeal. Although a little less rocky turn funky than the previous releases Robin definitely put it down on this one. He has joined forces with Pharrell Williams of the Star Track Label to make it all smoothly happen. Thicke is found "mercin'" (see throwing down) with the likes of Lil Wayne and Mary J. Blige and standing his ground. Set your phasers to chill and enjoy this one.

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Man o' man! You gotta let me know how this one is. To be honest, I was quite disappointed about his Neptune makeover because he sounded just like...well...Justin Timberlake. But I still love Thicke. In my mind he'll always be an oily-haired white boy on a bicycle in New York. *sigh*

Evolution indeed.