Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang creates amazingly large installations using buttons and pins. When you view her creations up close, they appear to be a pile of pins, but from a distance the installations transform into amazing images of birds and cherry blossom trees. (More images after the jump!)

"My immense wall installations are extremely time consuming and repetitive manual work. This is a form of meditative practice that helps me find my inner peace. Pins are used to hold buttons onto the surface to form a silhouetted image, or to disintegrate such image. No adhesive is used so the buttons are free to stay and move, which implies the genetic human tendency to be irresolute. I use buttons because they are common and ordinary, like the existence of human beings."
- Ran Hwang

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Spring Flowerchild said...

This is precisely why I love to view other artist's work! This is amazing and inspiring.
Thank you for commenting on my blog!